The Next Level of Healing Body and Mind in the Evolution to Heart Consciousness

We are moving toward manifesting a new level of healing the body and mind.  This deeper level healing will truly enable the soul embodiment of heart consciousness.

We are using the term “heart consciousness” here to convey a very high level of human transformation to the true self in Divine unity.  Heart consciousness incorporates the physical body and the Divine mind in the spirit, soul, and body being of incarnate humanity on earth.

As we move throughout 2012, the current dynamic phase of the dimensional shift in consciousness will support the development of the next level of body/mind healing.  The healing of the body and mind at the deepest levels is necessary in order for the heart to be upgraded and elevated in the human incarnate being to its full capacities.  We must be able to anchor the full ability of the heart center to handle the flux of higher dimensional light and Divine energy.

Throughout the last few thousand years of humanity,  there has been a history within the spiritual, esoteric, and consciousness traditions of a threefold path of transformation.  Some brief examples include the three ways of Christian mysticism and esotericism–the purification way, the illuminative way, and the unitive way, and in alchemy we have the three ways of inner change, outer change, and the transformation of time.  One of the most insightful illuminations of the threefold way in modern times was communicated by Sri Aurobindo.  He described a triple transformation of psychic transformation, spiritual transformation, and supramental transformation.  The supramental transformation includes the full transformation of the human to express the Divine life on earth and the divinisation of matter.  This can equate to the noosphere or a fifth dimensional and above humanity and earth.

Throughout the past few thousand years, humans have been able to heal and transform through the first way of the threefold path by a lifetime of meditation, psychological healing, and spiritual practice.  For the most part, the next level of healing of body and mind is within this first way.  Aurobindo stated, “there must first be a psychic change, the conversion of our whole present nature into a soul-instrumentation” (The Life Divine). This means that the frequency and oscillation of the body and its energy system must be unrestricted and free flowing to the extent that the heart center can fully receive and express the Divine light and energy.

At this time, we must seek to build awareness, understanding, and potentially some modalities that will enable a greater percentage of humanity to heal at this depth so as to anchor in the full capacity of heart consciousness.  We must translate into action within the natural grounded life of incarnate living greater capabilities for more of humanity to reach the level of great mystics, avatars, and enlightened beings.  In our transformation, evolution, and ascension, we are moving toward the supramentalisation of Aurobindo which is the full embodiment of a Divine human consciousness on earth.

The challenge that we face is to heal our biopsychological system to the level that the fullness of spiritual and supramental transformation proceeds to the true self in Divine unity of the new human on earth.  The ability to assist the psychic transformation of our whole being is most likely to be found in synthesizing the understanding of the human energy system–frequency, vibration, oscillation, the chakra system, sexual energy, the etheric, orgone, chi or prana, and light as sound frequency in the more dense levels of consciousness in matter.

Within the incarnate human being, heart consciousness organizes the expression of the Divine mind through the human in this reality of experience.  The heart is central to our love, knowledge, and creativity of the true self in Divine unity on earth.  When the human being is fully grounded on earth with the full capacity of the heart, the heart consciousness operates through the higher chakras that express the higher mind, supramental mind, or Divine mind. As in transforming to the true capability of the heart center, the heart must mediate the Divine mind through a transformation of the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal gland so as to receive and transmit cosmic information through the heart’s intelligence.  With a free flowing biopsychic energy system, heart consciousness, and the Divine mind, humans can use their interior technology in telepathy, teleportation, cellular regeneration, unconditional love, and creativity.

If we desire to know who we truly are as human beings on earth, it is time to truly understand the depths of healing required to support the fullness of our heart consciousness and all the capabilities of the mind.  May we continue to seek new understandings of this level of healing as we are supported by shifting dimensions, energy, and consciousness.       

Heart Consciousness: The Full Embodiment of the Soul in Bodily Form

In order to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we need to fully embody our spirit and soul within the physical incarnate body.  We open to the experience of the highest levels of the true self in Divine unity by living from the consciousness of the heart.

What has been understood as the “mystic” consciousness throughout the last several thousand years of history is our natural human incarnate consciousness that is our multidimensional being of a unified spirit, soul, and body.  Because human beings have been immersed and conditioned within a false fear, conflict, control, and separation systematic program of consciousness during these thousands of years, the mystic consciousness for the most part has been understood as a spiritual state beyond the natural life of the human being in the incarnate form on earth.  In truth, the mystic state of consciousness is our natural soul/body being unencumbered by thought forms, negative emotional encodings, and all disharmonic frequencies that inhibit the pure joy, fluidity, and harmony that is the goodness of life as Divine wisdom, love, and creativity.  Therefore, we express our true divine consciousness when we live unarmored, no longer attaching to the restrictions that block our pure dyamic and harmonic energy flow within our multidimensional being.    

In this time period of healing, awakening, evolving, and ascending of humanity through a dimensional shift, it is more accurate to describe this consciousness as “multidimensional” and no longer as “mystical.”  This is because ascension to a higher consciousness is in the “here and now” and not a reaching for a “transcendental beyond” level of consciousness.  The human being fully incarnate on Earth, living from the true self in Divine unity, is an infinite nonlocal being.  While we are a soul participating here in this form, we are meant to embody our whole infinite being.

Thus, we are shifting the perspective of the term “mystic.”  In heart consciousness on Earth, we are not seeking a transcendental spiritual supernatural state.  We are opening to the infinite Divine consciousness fully in our bodily life on Earth.  Therefore, a completely whole human being lives what has been historically understood as the “mystic state” as a natural experience in the here and now.

What do we mean by a natural experience in the here and now?  The primary quality of the multidimensional self is its fluidity and freedom of the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.  Consciousness as physical information and energy and consciousness as non-physical information and energy unites in one free flowing continuum.  Thus, even though consciousness in the physical form is of a lower density, there are no restrictions to the emanation and expression of higher dimensional energies and nondimensional spiritual energies.  Therefore, the multidimensional human is fully free in the body and fully free at the nonlocal awareness on Earth and throughout the cosmos.  This is the ultimate truth of the human being living in the consciousness of the heart.

Living from heart consciousness enables the physical body to maintain a free harmonic vibration.  At the unrestricted vibration, the body and mind oscillates at the unified frequency.  In the human incarnate state, the heart is the center of consciousness with a base harmonic vibration of 8Hz.  This heart coherence level synchronizes the mind’s resonance at 8Hz which is the interface of the theta/alpha EEG frequency.  At this level, the lower dualistic thinking mind harmonizes to allow the higher unitary functioning mind to operate within the heart.

In order for the full opening of the heart in coherence with the higher chakras of the throat (5th), third eye (6th), and crown (7th) of the body/mind, the heart must anchor to the root chakra and all the way to the core of the Earth.  This is why the lower three chakras, root (1st), sacral (2nd), and solar plexus (3rd) of bodily life must be unrestricted.  Only with the free flowing energy of the lower chakras can the heart connect with the Earth’s core.  Thus, the heart center unites in two directions simultaneously from the 3D perspective–1. It connects to the infinite cosmos and spiritual realms through utilizing the fully free higher chakras of throat, third eye, and crown, and 2. It connects to the Earth’s core through the fully free root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.  From the root, we connect through the Earth chakras to the Earth’s core, and from the crown, we connect through the higher spiritual chakras to the cosmos.  Therefore, the going “in” becomes the going “out.”  Within the heart, we go within the Earth, which continues going within the sun, galaxy, universe, and infinite spiritual realms.

The “inside” and the “outside” are one.  This unity can only be apprehended by seeing all from within.  For the human being, this “within” center is the heart.  Once within, all restrictions and false energies relinquish enabling the “outside” to be in unity with the “inside.”  From the heart, we go within the earth, sun, galaxy, cosmos, and within the source of all.  We have always been this infinite and eternal unity.  When we awaken, transform, and evolve to our free flowing connection along the full dimensional and density continuum, we experience and express our true self in Divine unity.  In awakening to who we truly are as multidimensional being in Divine wisdom, we understand the fullness of this expression of love and creativity is always available in all the various forms that we participate in throughout the universe.

All of our capabilities of interior consciousness technology of the higher mind consciousness in the heart is part of our entire being that exists in bodily form. When we live from the true self, we fully live from the soul within the body.  We are transforming to our highest levels of consciousness within the body.  Thus, all the highest levels of spiritual consciousness are natural to our unitary spirit, soul, and body being.  As we continue to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we will live the fullness of all our consciousness capabilities through the full freedom of all our dimensions of spirit and soul in bodily unity.  May we seek to awaken and remember the true multidimensional self on Earth.

The Dimensional Shift Beyond the Mayan Calendar Transition

As we near the completion of the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar, it is important that we use heart-centered awareness to discern the true harmonic frequencies of love and creativity from the false fear, conflict, control, and separation frequencies.

With the ninth wave completion on 10/28/11 and further awakening on 11/11/11, the full informational and energetic structure of unity consciousness is available through the earth, solar system, and human consciousness.  While this potential was never totally lost, many thousands of years of conditioning in dense negative frequencies necessitated an energetic correction process.  The energies from the galactic center, the sun, higher dimensional and angelic assistance has enabled this energetic evolution for the earth and humanity.  The timing of the natural solar and galactic cycles have been used to elevate frequency and awaken humanity to their true multidimensional being in incarnate form.

However, with the ending of the current phase as understood by Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, the harmonic manifestation of unity consciousness is not yet activated.  It will only become fully activated through a dimensional shift which is a dimensional ascension.  Therefore, critical work in our transformation, evolution, and ascension must occur after the completion period of the Mayan Calendar transition.  In biblical revelation, the ending of the age occurs “in the blink of an eye” where the exact date and time is unknown.

The work that humanity must do is to fully disconnect consciousness from the false matrix of fear, conflict, control, and separation.  In doing so, we are remembering, reawakening, and recognizing who we really are as multidimensional beings in Divine unity.  Within this unity, we recognize our relationship with each other, the larger family of intelligent beings, and all of creation.  We are of Source, free, and loving creative beings of spirit, soul, and body exchanging information and energy using our interior consciousness technology.

This is the time of choice that the Hopi and many other sacred traditions have referred to in their prophecy.  We can awaken to our true humanity of 5D consciousness and above, or we can remain in 3D which in the current shifting energies will turn into a negative 4D that is ever more horrifically dehumanizing than the current 3D world.  There is no choice to stay in the consciousness of the world as we have known it for thousands of years–the basic energy organization, vibration, and frequency is changing.  What is still to be determined is how the energy will shift for the human collective incarnate on earth.

While we are evolving to a fifth dimensional humanity within a 5D earth, we do not yet understand the exact mechanisms of how this process transitions.  Thus, through our consciousness, we must continue to approach it through choice and energy flux, and not from a deterministic viewpoint.  While we know that it is moving to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness, we must approach the work of its continuing transition from a point of view of free choice.

In order to exercise this free choice both personally and for humanity as a whole, we need to discern from a heart consciousness.  In this process, we are being assisted by ET, interdimensional, and angelic beings.  But we must do the work to connect to the true self of our being.  All the answers to our knowledge, understanding, transformation, and ascension are within our heart center.  By going within, we are connected to our infinite nonlocal self.  By reconnecting to the spirit/soul/body self, all knowledge can become manifest.

With all of the truth within, we need to shift our frequency to align with our true self in Divine unity.  In this transformational and evolutionary process, we are awakening and establishing dormant information pathways and raising the capacity of our higher frequency vibration to be able to express higher dimensions of light.  As we do this through spiritual practices, meditation, healing, etc., it is helpful to be more fully aware of the false frequencies that have been invading all of 3D life on earth for thousands of years.  This false grid of inharmonic frequency resonates fear, conflict, and egoic polarity consciousness in the human being.  They pervade all of life–religion, politics, economics, media, food, water, air, music, television, and all forms of entertainment.  As we become more of our true self in heart consciousness, we are better able to discern our infusion within these negative frequencies as we raise our own vibration.  Therefore, we can use our free choice to minimize our exposure as we are aligning our energy and consciousness with fifth dimensional and above energy.

First and foremost, we must do our inner work.  As we do this, we must be careful not to get caught up in the tremendous amount of information, misinformation, and disinformation.  The Hopi identify this feeling state in saying “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Nobody is shifting humanity on earth to a fifth dimensional consciousness for us.  When we understand that our own heart-centered consciousness and inner technology is what drives our evolution and ascension, we will truly open to the guidance and support we are receiving from our greater galactic and spiritual family.

When we truly commit to knowing that our inner work of consciousness is how we successfully shift to the fifth dimension and beyond, our partnership with other beings that have always been with us will be revealed.  Outside information is still very important.  However, we are to allow it to come to us, not to use our mind dimension alone to search to figure out how it all works.  We will know and understand, but we will get there from a higher domain of heart and Divine mind consciousness. 

As we move beyond the evolutionary corrective energetic of the nine consciousness waves, let us become aware of the fullness of the complex energetic mix of frequencies that have been the human experience on earth.  May we become more aware of the false frequencies that have intervened in our world, and focus our energy on being the true heart consciousness within. 

Heart-Centered Knowledge in the Time of Shifting Dimensions

There has never been a time where so much contradictory information and disinformation is changing on a daily basis, even among sincere seekers and thoughtful persons who desire an evolving humanity to a higher consciousness.

While all types of information can assist our awakening and evolutionary transformation to a fifth dimensional consciousness, if the information does not resonate with your heart consciousness, then the information is being used knowingly or unknowingly to distract.  The activity of using information to activate both the first three chakras and the 3D level of the thinking mind creates a lower density vibrational frequency of fear and negativity.  We will find truth only within the frequency of the heart in the harmonic multidimensional human being.

We are in a time where we must open to the heart and reside within its wisdom.  Only in the heart, will we open to the higher dimensions of mind and greater knowledge of our multidimensional being, the universe, and dimensionless spiritual realms.  At this point in the dimensional shift, it is vital to go beyond the attachment to the fear, conflict, and control resonance.

That means we can learn and take in as much outside information as we can handle if it does not take us out of heart consciousness.  If the pursuit of thinking, knowledge, and understanding pulls us away from a heart-centered vibration in the Divine love and creativity, we must re-center and balance within the heart.  This time is all about establishing a new balance in the heart. 

As we move through the transition phase into the dynamic phase of the dimensional shift, we are being guided to a more inner wisdom where the mind’s reliance on outside information does not assist the heart resonance in the way it once did.  It is a shift to truly looking for the answers from within the heart of our being, instead of waiting primarily for outside information to understand what is happening in the dimensional shift. 

This does not mean that we eliminate outside information.  It means that we use it only based on synchronistic experience, spiritual guidance, and when it is in service of the heart.  Thus, it is not a question of the pursuit of a great quantity of outside information or no outside information at all.  Rather, it is a change in the state of consciousness that determines how we discern the way we seek and input the information into our transformation to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness.

The danger in the current information climate is when it perpetuates a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  May we become more discerning through our bodily, feeling, and heart consciousness in how we use and follow outside information.  In this way, we will resonate and further develop into a heart-centered unity consciousness of a fifth dimensional humanity on earth. 

The Multidimensional Human–Unity of Consciousness and Body

In a fifth dimensional consciousness, we know and understand that there is no separation between consciousness and the body or between mind and matter.

By being primarily restricted to a narrow range of 3D consciousness throughout the past thousands of years, humans have become increasingly conditioned to perceive a foundational separation between mind and matter.  As we continue to awaken to a heart-centered unity consciousness, a more accurate understanding of the unified organization of consciousness and the body throughout all dimensions is emerging.

The core misunderstanding is that consciousness and matter are distinct, but interrelate with each other in many multiple complex ways.  One way this expresses even in a spirit/soul/mind worldview, is through the philosophy of mind/matter dualism with the primacy of mind.  Here, we find that a dimensional and reincarnational understanding of intelligent beings can be maintained while still remaining restricted to a 3D polarity/duality consciousness that sees the physical form as separate.  In this view, the body is seen as a separate temporary vehicle inhabited by the mind/soul/spirit for experience in 3D planetary life.

While intelligent incarnate beings have many vehicles of physical form throughout their infinite journey in the universe dimensions and the nondimensional spiritual realms, we no longer need to limit ourselves to an illusory separation of consciousness and body.  As we awaken and evolve into a 5D unity consciousness, we become aware that the intelligent being is entirely consciousness.

Consciousness is the all.  Here, we are using consciousness in its broadest meaning by being synonymous with Divine Being, Source, Spirit, soul, heart, and mind.  The infinite spiritual essence and being emanates consciousness as light, information, and energy.  The key is intelligent organization according to frequency and vibration.  Consciousness manifests in varying rates of vibration and density across dimensions.  Matter is not separate from consciousness. In essence, matter is consciousness vibrating at specific frequencies.

All exists in a dimensional continuum of frequencies.  Dimensions one through three are the most dense vibrations of consciousness.  When elements of consciousness are organized at these slow frequencies and densities, we call it “matter.” We also refer to it as the 3D physical plane and physical body.

Therefore, we can now understand the term “matter” as describing consciousness in its slower more dense states.  The human physical body is consciousness intelligently organized into a vehicle for experience and manifestation.  The infinite soul becomes one with the body in all its incarnational experiences throughout star systems, dimensions, and nondimensional spiritual realms.  Even though physical matter of the body changes form, the consciousness that organized its vibration is infinite and eternal.  The memory of all creation is an infinite existence as part of the one Source.

As we are awakening and evolving into a more unified multidimensional human, a shift in our consciousness to the awareness of the unity of consciousness and the body will further our evolution and ascension to a foundational organization at the fifth dimensional level.  In this transformation, we will continue to have physical bodies on earth, but with a lighter density. Consciousness as the physical systems of the body will fully resonate in the harmony and flow of a heart-centered unity consciousness.