The Evolution of the Physical Body into a 5D Light Body

The physical body is evolving into a higher frequency configuration and organization of light, information, consciousness, and energy.

With the current Earth and solar system alignment with the galactic core, we are receiving high energy waves and particles that are enabling, through our consciousness, an increase in both the frequency and vibration of the physical body.  As this acceleration continues to increase, we are given the opportunity to evolve in consciousness and thus transform the physical body.

The physical body is an incredibly complex intelligent organization of nonphysical and physical light and sound that is an aspect of what we refer to as spirit, soul, heart, and mind.  The organization of matter that is the body is an aspect of soul, mind, or consciousness vibrating at given lesser density frequencies.

For the past many thousands of years, the earth human physical body has been evolving within the lowest 3D density.  Now, because of the universe and galactic cycles, in conjunction with the Divine plan of soul evolution, the earth human 3D physical body is shifting to a less dense 5D physical body.  With human responsibilty for dimensional evolution, we are being guided and assisted by interstellar, interdimensional, and angelic intelligent beings through the hierarchy of Spirit to further the transformation of the spirit, soul, and body earth human.

At this point, the healing of the many emotional blocks, intergenerational traumas, and past life wounds is necessary in order to allow the body the ability to move with the higher frequency energy to evolve the information to the DNA, cells, and all physical systems.  These blocks include the whole array of limiting beliefs and conflict driven energy that is the very narrow band of consciousness of the fear, control, and separation system of the lower third dimension.

Without letting go of the conflict and control energies, the human consciousness and its vehicle aspect of the physical body will not be able to adapt to the higher frequency fields that interpenetrate the Earth.  Planetary ascension is coordinated with the evolving human ascension to a 5D unity consciousness. The lighter density of fifth dimensional consciousness, and its aspect of vibrating physical bodies, express a peaceful, harmonic, cooperative, and synergistic creative action. 

We are at a point in the shift where we will need to continually ease the burden on our mind and body so as to move to the next stage in consciousness of the light body.  As the veil continues to lift, we want to keep pace with the Divine timing of the increasing energy of the ascension process.  We need to avoid any unecessary attachments to energies of all kinds that will slow both consciousness and body from its required ability to transition to a unity consciousness and lighter density body.

Only at a unity consciousness level of fifth dimensional organization can humans on Earth join the interplanetary, intergalactic, and interdimensional civilizations of 5D and above.  A humanity immersed within the lowest density of 3D that is the fear, conflict, and control system, is quarantined on Earth through multiple restrictions in our consciousness and physical systems.

We cannot explore here all of the elements of a fifth dimensional physical body.  The 5D light body and its physical expression is a significant evolution and transformation from the present 3D physical body organization.  With the change in matter to a higher frequency, the full multidimensional capabilties of the spirit, soul, body system are restored.  Some of these areas include evolved ways of receivership capacity of the brain, nourishment, cellular regeneration, sleep, travel, and communication.  All of these higher dimensional expressions involve energetic and nonlocal consciousness.

Our shift and transformation to a 5D unity consciousness and corresponding physcial body will evolve earth humanity to the true self in Divine unity.  This unity is a multidimensional being of love, freedom, goodness, and creativity. 

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