Emotions and Healing

One of the most important aspects of implementing a continual spiritual practice to further mystical transformation is the awareness of our emotional level of being. Because our consciousness has been conditioned in fear throughout our early development in the current human condition, our emotional life becomes wounded. When this happens, the emotions become enmeshed with our thinking mind. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame become so synonymous with negative thought patterns that we can lose conscious awareness of our emotions and thoughts.

I believe the life-long journey of personal transformation earnestly begins with the work of observing our emotions as distinct from our thoughts. As we develop this awareness, we will see the interdependence of emotions and thoughts. We will better understand how emotions trigger thoughts and how thoughts trigger emotions.

While I believe it is very important to observe our underlying thought patterns, the awareness of the emotions becomes primary. The emotions provide a link between body and mind, as well as the interaction with the heart. The awareness of emotions becomes our signal of whether we are living from the consciousness of fear or whether we are in the heart dimension of love and creativity.

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