Being a Mystic is a Transforming Mystical Union

Along the journey of transformation, it is very important to understand the difference between mystical experiences and the healing and transformation to the consciousness of the true self in mystical union. The goal of the transformative life is to move beyond the wounded personality to become the true self in divine union. Mystical union is a permanent change in consciousness to the true self beyond fear and negativity. It is the new human living love, joy, and creativity from the heart in the Spirit. We find models for this stage of transformation in the writings and the lives of mystics such as Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross.

I view being a mystic as having healed and transformed to a stage of consciousness where we live from the transcendent power of the Spirit in a fully opened heart dimension. This is the journey that we are all on as human beings. The more that we heal and open to the grace of transformation, the more we will evolve to the mystic self as our true humanity. Mystical union is the true self in divine union.

While being a mystic is best understood as the transformed consciousness of mystical union, mystical awareness is often part of the life long journey to divine union. I refer to mystical awareness as the gift of the soul’s experience of God beyond the rational and intuitive mind. The experience occurs within the heart and overflows to the mind, emotions, and body. The knowledge and gift of this experience of the Spirit is the authentic dimension of transformation. It is this depth of mystical transformation that we seek to harmonize with our spiritual creativity, relationships, and work in everyday life.

When we truly desire the fullness of our heart and soul, we open to the grace of mystical experience. These experiences are truly gifts and therefore we do not directly make them happen. However, I do believe that if we embrace healing and seek the infinite love within our being, mystical experiences can be a normal part of all of our journeys.

The mystical experience points toward the continual state of mystical union. In the new vision of mystical transformation and spiritual creativity, several aspects of transformation are simultaneously present along our journey–1. Healing and self-knowledge in heart, mind, emotions, and body, 2. Meditative and prayer practice, 3. Mystical experience, 4. Living the transcendent immanently through relationships, intention, and creativity within the world, and 5. Never ending journey toward mystical union and the identity with the divine energy of God.

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