High Energy Transformation and the Birth of a New Earth

As our solar system continues to move across the galactic center, humanity on earth is being given a greater access to high energy particles of light, information, and consciousness.

The influx of high energy is giving us the opportunity for accelerated healing and transformation.  It is an unprecedented time on earth to heal all lifetimes of karma, generational wounds, and polarity conditioning of fear, conflict, and separation.  Our current level of soul evolution within a physical incarnation can choose to transform, evolve, and ascend to a higher frequency physical incarnation of the light body in the fifth dimension.

This momentous elevation in human incarnate consciousness could not take place without the interaction of shifting energy throughout the galaxy and dimensions of the universe. These movements of light, information, consciousness, and energy are being coordinated by the Divine, the angelic spiritual hierarchy, and by the assistance of benevolent extraterrestrial and ultradimensional intelligent beings.

The base organization of human consciousness cannot go from a stability of third dimensional polarity to a fifth dimension unity consciousness without an upgrade of all fields of consciousness and subtle energy on earth.  Therefore, a transformation to a higher human consciousness of spirit, soul, and body will occur along with a new earth. 

Thus, we are at a point in the process of accelerated evolution where we can understand the knowledge of a shift to a fifth dimensional human within a new earth frequency.  What we do not yet know is the exact nature of the completed reality and its specific timing, as well as the mechanisms and unfolding process for its transformation.

Views on the nature of the shift and transformative movement vary from less elevated views of humanity’s future on earth to more elevated metaphysical existences in higher dimensional bodies.  Of the lesser elevated views of a current major human and earth shift, some believe that humanity is transitioning back to a golden age according to the cycles of the four ages–golden, silver, bronze, and iron, as well as the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes.  Walter Cruttenden’s theory of the cyclical action of a binary star would be an example of this view. 

Some believe that the current third dimensional earth will be able to host Divine humans experiencing and expressing the highest light and frequencies of God within the densest level of third dimensional form.  Here, we would be able to live the fullness of 9 or 12 dimensions within the 3D physical earth.  Barbara Hand Clow’s work of the “Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions” would be an example of this view. This viewpoint includes many variations of understanding humanity on earth as a kind of experiment to bring the highest of the infinite within the most dense frequency of matter. 

Others believe that the current earth will transcend into the fifth dimensional frequency range within this universe.  An example of this view is Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar as a map of the evolution and transformation of consciousness to the no-time state of unity consciousness. Other examples within this view include Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere, Sri Aurobindo’s supramental consciousness, Jose Arguelles’ galactic synchronization to synchronic time, and the emergence of the fourth density earth and human of the Ra material channeled through Carla Rueckert.

Along these lines of higher dimensions, still others believe the earth and humanity will be birthed into a different and/or new universe.  J.J. Hurtak’s “The Keys of Enoch” is an example within this view.  And yet another possibility is the birthing of a new 5D earth while the 3D earth remains in existence within the third dimension.  Human choice in healing and transformation will determine whether the soul’s incarnate existence will move to the new 5D earth, stay in 3D earth, or move into spirit world or other incarnate experience.  This view has been put forth by past life regressionist Dolores Cannon.

Adding to the uncertainty is the confusion over the mechanism and process of transition.  We seem to have an infinite number of combinations of catastrophe/cataclysm and less volatile transcendence to a golden age or higher dimension.  They range in extremes of both to endless combinations of possibilities in how they both occur at the same time.

When we factor in galactic cycles, earth changes, magnetic fields, the sun, astrology, other astronomical bodies such as a binary brown dwarf star, and the choice of human consciousness, the current conscious awareness of the human mind is not yet capable of putting together the knowledge of such a grand and complex system.  This is why we see many seekers, researchers, metaphysicians, scientists, and mystics at this time displaying a dramatic flux in trying to communicate what is happening and what will happen throughout the shift.

This is a time period to take in all various views and pieces of the puzzle, while staying focused on our personal transformation of consciousness and our unity with each other.  As we proceed to heal, transform, and evolve, the information that we need to know will be presented to us in Divine timing according to our personal mission at this point in our soul evolution.

Because the patterns of this type of earth and human consciousness ascension can be unlimited, it is important for us not to block out information, nor fall into excessive fear because we are not given the conscious ability to understand such a complexity at a given moment in time.

We are transforming to a new level of unity consciousness that is closer to our true self in Divine unity as the earth energy is transitioning to support the higher level of human life.  Because we are beings that want to know more than our current consciousness may be ready for, which is perfectly natural to our evolution of infinite growth, these times of accelerating change can be very challenging.  Therefore, we must work to keep our desire to know in balance.  As we continue to transform and open to further knowledge, the next stage of our understanding will unfold.  This will require greater degrees of an open mind, an ability to discern knowledge, and trust. 

May we fully choose to heal all karmic attachments and transform to the higher dimensions of the light body as we move beyond 3D polarization consciousness to the unity consciousness of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Heart Consciousness as Center of the Fifth Dimensional Light Body

When we stay restricted to the polarity of the third dimension,  human beings experience the world through the cerebral intelligence of the ego consciousness.  The dualistic cerebral intelligence is the consciousness of our lower mind which functions at the third dimensional level through perpetual comparison, contrast, and separation.

Our whole being of the true self in Divine unity lives from a multidimensional consciousness, and only uses the dualistic cerebral consciousness for practical actions within the third dimension.  The heart consciousness emanates from the center of being.  The heart opens at 4D and 5D frequencies, and utilizes the higher mind in a direct apprehension of knowledge, wisdom, love, and harmony. 

The consciousness of the heart is a unitary consciousness.  Our awakening to heart consciousness restores our conscious awareness of the human true self as a multidimensional being.

In contrast, the primary organization of conscious awareness at the 3D duality frequencies of the cerebral mind actually separates the human being from its groundedness in Divine Being.  The limitation of the dualistic frequencies of the mind forces an almost complete focus on the external levels of matter.  This is the human fall into the frequency of the most dense level of physical matter.

In order to more fully open the heart center, we need to come back into the groundedness of our physical bodies with earth, solar, and galactic frequency.  We can more easily do this as we move beyond the fear, doubt, separation, conflict, and control of the polarity consciousness vibration.

By anchoring our soul and spirit firmly within the physical body, the heart has a strong foundation to emanate, organize, and communicate our multidimensional unity.  The heart is the center for all light, information, and energy through all dimensions.  The multidimensional heart includes an interior vortex through which we access all dimensions of our nonlocal infinite being while participating in physical incarnate form.

The heart is central in the consciousness of our multidimensional cosmic and celestial being.  We must anchor its unity consciousness in and throughout the body, and we must develop the receiving capacities of the higher mind in order to express our fullness in Divine unity.

This means that the unity of the heart uses the upper chakras of the throat, third eye, crown, and extended multidimensional chakras of the 8th through 12th.  These centers of information, consciousness, and energy are vital receiving capabilities of signals from the field of consciousness throughout the dimensions.  In these upper chakras, the higher mind works through the lower physical structures of the brain, endocrine, and nervous systems.  The channels of the upper chakras must be clear and developed in order to receive higher frequency information and energy from multidimensions.

The coordinating center of the heart enables the open higher chakra channels to process the information received from interdimensional communication.  Without the heart’s multidimensional unity, even open higher centers cannot process this information independently from the heart. 

The unity of the heart is our consciousness that we are awakening, evolving, transforming, and restoring.  The heart’s multidimensional unity, in full unity with the physical body and the higher mind, is the foundational expansion of our fifth dimensional and beyond light body.


Grounding of Consciousness as Foundation of the Light Body

As multidimensional cosmic beings, we must open to our true self in Divine unity from within our current incarnated consciousness on earth. 

This means that our consciousness must be firmly grounded within our body and its connection to the earth in each moment of the “now.”  The awareness of our consciousness strongly integrated and unified within our body is the firm foundation of our multidimensional being, and is the “house built on a solid foundation” that Jesus describes.

When our full consciousness and energy is grounded within our body, we are connected to the Earth, Sun, other star systems, the Galactic Center, multidimensions, the spiritual planes, and the universe.  From our position on earth, we first realize that our mind and heart dimensions are an expansive non-locality.  Therefore, in order to be everywhere we must be fully present right here in our physical body.

The journey of transformation, evolution, remembering, reawakening, and ascension to our light body consciousness needs the firm foundation of our consciousness grounded in the body.  As we proceed in the healing of the soul, mind, and body of unconscious emotions, inherited ancestral beliefs, and past life negative encodings, we change the frequencies of our DNA, endocrine, and nervous systems.  This furthers are ability to ground consciousness in the body which provides a foundation for the body to hold successively higher frequencies of multidimensional light. 

We have been living in a fallen lower state of consciousness because we have been disconnected from our true self in Divine unity.  All fear, conflict, and separation has ungrounded our consciousness from the body.  Our multidimensional energies have been distorted through lower frequencies which results in a sensation/feeling of unease throughout the body.

This subtle energetic disconnection from grounded consciousness causes a search for connection from the outside world.  Here we have the cerebral consciousness of the mind and the unconscious mind with its conditioning of negative emotional coding and beliefs.  This entire conditioning has scattered consciousness from the center of our beings to an incessant attachment to attempting to seek wholeness from the outside.

This ego mind consciousness is separated from the higher mind and heart of the true self in Divine unity.  Ultimately, its entire search for the self and the Divine by looking outside is illusory.  The connection resides on the inside that is within.  Only with a firm groundedness of our consciousness within our body are we consciously unified with self, God, all forms of creation, other intelligent beings, and the cosmos.

In order to ground our full consciousness within the body and the earth, we must not only understand that our connection to higher consciousness is “within” by using our intellect, we must understand our connection by experiencing and feeling our consciousness throughout our body.

Our wholeness in Divine unity emanates from our infinite consciousness that is accessed and experienced through the connection within our own bodies.  When we silence our lower mind’s thought patterns and quiet the body, we connect to self and Divine within.  As we continue to build our ability to ground our consciousness in the body, we will more easily connect to higher dimensions because we can hold higher frequencies of light and energy in the body. 

We unite with the entire universe along the infinite and eternal grid of information, consciousness, and energy.  When we are connected from within, our conscious awareness expands beyond the confines of the field of the physical body.  We are one with the Source that is everywhere in the Divine field. 

With a firm foundation we can continue to awaken and transform to our light body.  The light body is our true multidimensional being of a unitary heart consciousness.  The ascended consciousness of the light body connects from within.  In this connection is love, peace, unity, and creativity on earth and throughout the galaxy, cosmos, and spiritual dimensions.

Accelerated Healing in Support of the Light Body

As we move into 2011, the earth is receiving an increasing consciousness and energy vibration through our position in the galaxy.  This is enabling an acceleration in the process of healing in support of the awakening and transformation to the light body.

The light body is the human ascension to a unified spirit, soul, and body consciousness.  It is the mystical consciousness of the higher dimensional light described by the mystical, metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual traditions throughout our past 13,000 years of our history and before.  These traditions include, but are not limited to, the ancient Egyptian, Kaballah, mystical Christianity, Eastern Christian hesychasm, Sufi, Vedic, Tibetan Buddhist, Taoist, Western alchemy, Mayan, and Incan traditions.  All of these traditions point to the true human as a luminous light body being of consciousness and energy that unites in a very high harmonic resonance of spirit, mind, and transformed matter. 

While incarnating humans have been working on awakening to the light body through these numerous traditions, the overall human and earth consciousness has been in a fallen third density egoic consciousness.  As we are now upon another galactic alignment at half a precessional cycle of approximately 13,000 years, we are approaching a dramatic shift in earth conditions and a shift/leap in consciousness.

This alignment is more profound than the known previous alignments because it is opening to a shift of the entire human consciousness to the fifth dimension.  The full realization of the light body in human form is a fifth dimensional consciousness.  Because of the shifting vibrations from the galactic center (charged particles of cosmic and gamma rays, etc.), we are all being given the opportunity to realize the light body.

However, the light body cannot be supported by the dense physical body with negative emotions and unhealed cellular memories.  Therefore, a life long process of healing and integration is required in order to allow the higher energies of light to coexist in bodily form.  All negative and destructive frequencies must be healed in order for the synchronous alignment of the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  As negative emotional energy and false beliefs are healed, the unified chakras and multidimensional bodies enable the physical body to support the light body.

The physical body consciousness has three main anchoring points–1. grounding of the body with earth energy, sun, galactic center, and cosmos,  2.  heart consciousness through the center of one’s being, and 3.  Pineal gland opening to higher dimensional information.  These main areas anchor in the energy to all the systems and complexities of the consciousness of the physical body.  All of the physical systems play an integral role in the spirit, soul, and body being.

While in the past the full integrated healing to support the light body took a lengthy life long process of meditation, prayer, and contemplation, we are now in a period where we have the opportunity to participate in a process of accelerated healing.  “Accelerated” does not necessarily mean easier, it means the fullness of integrated healing in a more condensed time frame.  The current accelerated path of healing is actually more challenging in many respects, but the opportunity is a great gift because of the changing vibration and dimensional shift.

It offers a more direct way to heal the entire encoded traumas of the mind and body without the slow methodical grind of healing under the denser 3D earth and cosmos frequencies.  The higher frequencies that are new to our awareness provide us the opportunity to heal and forgive all wounds within our soul and body that are from this lifetime, inherited through emotional and genetic fields,  past life, and interdimensional.

The incoming higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies are opening us to many more healing modalities that facilitate a more direct healing of our being.  While there has been an explosion of new ways to approach healing through consciousness, energy, the unconscious mind, and soul, some of these ways include Integrated Energy Healing (IET), hypnotic regression, timeline therapy, Reconnective Healing, crystal healing, sound healing, Quantum K, the Emotion Code, and the Healing Codes.

All of these ways are allowing us to heal the unconscious mind and the physical body at an accelerated pace.  We are able to handle more healing in a shorter duration because of the higher frequency energy that is being received by the planet and human consciousness.  The mind and physical body needs to be healed in order to support the power and frequency of higher fifth dimensional energy.

So let us embrace the potential of all healing opportunities that are presented to us through 2011 as we move toward 2012 and beyond.  Happy New Year!

The Fifth Dimensional Light Body

Our transformation and evolution to the light body is the essence of who we are as humans.  This is our true self in Divine unity.  Our created being is a multidimensional unity of Spirit, soul, and body.

The multidimensional unity of our true self is manifested and expressed within and through the light body.  We become our full multidimensional unity from the unitary consciousness of the heart. Thus, a heart-centered consciousness is the awareness and pathway to transforming to our light body.

The light body is the consciousness of the heart expressed through mind and body.  It is beyond fear and the conflict of separation.  Therefore the light body is not affected by inertia, entropy, and the duality of the knowledge of good and evil.  It is the unconditional love of the true self in Divine unity that lives in peace, harmony, partnership and creativity.

The fear-based consciousness of the narrow 3D reality has conditioned wounds, distortions, and blockages to the first three chakras.  The blockages within these centers of the human energy field narrow consciousness to the ego of separation and conflict.  The light body, which encompasses a 5D reality, fully emanates from the heart chakra.  Any action and expression of the energy of the first three chakras are now expressed within the heart.

The fullness of the light body is our soul’s true being within the incarnated form.  Here, the Spirit, soul, and body unity can experience unconditional love through experience in the planetary realms.  Our true self is love, peace, harmony, partnership, cooperation, and creativity. 

The light body is less dense than the 3D body.  Without the opposing restrictive force of fear, the multidimensional self operates from the highest dimensions of Divine energy.  Therefore, the Spirit, soul, and body unity can exercise the fullness of nonlocal and infinite consciousness.  Within this consciousness, the body is beyond disease, and can participate in the ability of consciousness to communicate through telepathy, move through teleportation, and regenerate through light.

The light body is experienced beyond the 3D space and time, and exercises the full power of intention in its mission to love and create within incarnate form.  The light body on earth is evolving as we continue to proceed along a dimensional shift to a 4D and 5D consciousness. 

Here, we have delineated some basic aspects of the heart consciousness of the light body.  It gives us a feel for the truth of our human potential within an earth incarnation.  I more fully explore the consciousness of the light body in my forthcoming book on 5th dimensional life.  The fully transformed light body includes a whole spectrum of knowledge and experience that will affect all areas of human life on earth.