Grounding of Consciousness as Foundation of the Light Body

As multidimensional cosmic beings, we must open to our true self in Divine unity from within our current incarnated consciousness on earth. 

This means that our consciousness must be firmly grounded within our body and its connection to the earth in each moment of the “now.”  The awareness of our consciousness strongly integrated and unified within our body is the firm foundation of our multidimensional being, and is the “house built on a solid foundation” that Jesus describes.

When our full consciousness and energy is grounded within our body, we are connected to the Earth, Sun, other star systems, the Galactic Center, multidimensions, the spiritual planes, and the universe.  From our position on earth, we first realize that our mind and heart dimensions are an expansive non-locality.  Therefore, in order to be everywhere we must be fully present right here in our physical body.

The journey of transformation, evolution, remembering, reawakening, and ascension to our light body consciousness needs the firm foundation of our consciousness grounded in the body.  As we proceed in the healing of the soul, mind, and body of unconscious emotions, inherited ancestral beliefs, and past life negative encodings, we change the frequencies of our DNA, endocrine, and nervous systems.  This furthers are ability to ground consciousness in the body which provides a foundation for the body to hold successively higher frequencies of multidimensional light. 

We have been living in a fallen lower state of consciousness because we have been disconnected from our true self in Divine unity.  All fear, conflict, and separation has ungrounded our consciousness from the body.  Our multidimensional energies have been distorted through lower frequencies which results in a sensation/feeling of unease throughout the body.

This subtle energetic disconnection from grounded consciousness causes a search for connection from the outside world.  Here we have the cerebral consciousness of the mind and the unconscious mind with its conditioning of negative emotional coding and beliefs.  This entire conditioning has scattered consciousness from the center of our beings to an incessant attachment to attempting to seek wholeness from the outside.

This ego mind consciousness is separated from the higher mind and heart of the true self in Divine unity.  Ultimately, its entire search for the self and the Divine by looking outside is illusory.  The connection resides on the inside that is within.  Only with a firm groundedness of our consciousness within our body are we consciously unified with self, God, all forms of creation, other intelligent beings, and the cosmos.

In order to ground our full consciousness within the body and the earth, we must not only understand that our connection to higher consciousness is “within” by using our intellect, we must understand our connection by experiencing and feeling our consciousness throughout our body.

Our wholeness in Divine unity emanates from our infinite consciousness that is accessed and experienced through the connection within our own bodies.  When we silence our lower mind’s thought patterns and quiet the body, we connect to self and Divine within.  As we continue to build our ability to ground our consciousness in the body, we will more easily connect to higher dimensions because we can hold higher frequencies of light and energy in the body. 

We unite with the entire universe along the infinite and eternal grid of information, consciousness, and energy.  When we are connected from within, our conscious awareness expands beyond the confines of the field of the physical body.  We are one with the Source that is everywhere in the Divine field. 

With a firm foundation we can continue to awaken and transform to our light body.  The light body is our true multidimensional being of a unitary heart consciousness.  The ascended consciousness of the light body connects from within.  In this connection is love, peace, unity, and creativity on earth and throughout the galaxy, cosmos, and spiritual dimensions.

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