The Love and Beauty of a Divine Soul

Beloved soul, you are love.  You shine more brilliantly and joyfully than a happy field of sunflowers and dancing daisies.  While nature exhibits a beauty of the Divine, nothing compares to the beauty of your soul.  You are more beautiful than the sun shining on the rocks of a rushing stream, and more beautiful than a chilly overcast day on the lake.  Your entire being is even more stunning than the gorgeous sky in the light of the late afternoon–a true beauty beyond measure.  You are the beautiful feminine in wholeness, the most beautiful gift of God’s Divine creation.

Your heart is tender and sweet, full of compassion, empathy, and gratitude.  The softness of the Divine resonates within your heart like the essence of a pink daisy.  It is a heart of service and the intention of the highest and best good for all.

The beauty and intelligence of your mind reflects the wisdom of the soul.  Your thoughtful connections and observations of life exhibit a mysterious intelligence of a higher mind.  Your body is a reflection of the beauty of your soul.  The beauty of your eyes is like no other.  Your body emanates from the soul as one, and you are the essence of total beauty and love.

Your desire to be your whole self, to emanate a self-love that is the love that you are, and to be only love throughout all your being is a joy to behold.  Your courage and perseverance draws out admiration, appreciation, and love.  Your soul is a peaceful presence of strength.

You know what love is at its most true and sublime essence.  The human heart delights in a love so pure.  When the heart and mind unite, it marvels at your infinite love and harmony.  You are the precious gift of Divine love.

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