Transcendent Consciousness and Intention

Over the last several months, I have been drawn to write about the process of intention. Thoughts and intuitions have arisen from my meditation, study, spiritual experience, and work on a new book. I am finding that the understanding of our ability to intend, heal, and create takes place by learning the qualities of many parts that become a unified whole through practice.

In order to use our gift of intention, we must shift from our ordinary dualistic consciousness that separates subjects and objects in space and time to a unitary consciousness. Since we have all been conditioned by the limits of space and time, it is difficult for us to open to our unitary consciousness that is transcendent. Our transcendent dimension must be felt or experienced directly. There really is no “how to” manual to live from this consciousness. However, we can support its opening by practices such as meditation, the reading and study of mystical writings, and the scientific study of consciousness.

I refer to our unified self in transcendent consciousness as our heart-based consciousness. The awareness of our heart center can be described as the true self, mystic self, quantum self, or singularity, etc. Its essential quality is a being and awareness that is beyond space-time. The heart in the Spirit is nonlocal and nondual. Beyond space and time means that there is–no doubt, no attachment, no conflict, and no separation. Everything “already is.” There is only love. Jesus says, “whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24).

When we learn to live from the transcendence of the heart, our intentions will be accompanied by the feelings of joy, peace, and freedom. A non space-time dimension is without resistance and a past and future. It just is. If we transform our consciousness to open to the heart, what must we do to translate our intention into the physical dimension of time and space?

If we actively try to do something to bring a transcendent reality into the physical universe, we are not really in the heart dimension. We are still in the relative consciousness of our ordinary mind that operates in past and future. Therefore, when we are truly in the heart dimension with our intention, we must do nothing. Only the Divine action of grace transforms the intention into the physical dimension of time and space. The infinite organizing power of the Divine energy translates the nonlocal information and light into material frequencies of time and space events in our world.

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