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Peter Borys Jr is an author, visionary, multidimensional transformation guide, dimensional evolutionist, and consciousness and energy researcher.  Peter’s work communicates a new vision of transformation, evolution, and ascension to a multidimensional cosmic humanity of the true self in Divine unity.

The mission of Peter Borys Jr is to guide and support human awakening, transformation, evolution, and ascension to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness on Earth.  He is the author of “Transforming Heart and Mind: Learning From the Mystics (Paulist Press, 2006), “Unity of the Heart: Transforming Consciousness to an Enlightened Humanity (Mill City Press, 2008), and “Dimensional Evolution: Uniting Cosmic Earth Consciousness with a New Divine Humanity (forthcoming).



About the Blog

The multidimensional self, relationships, and creativity form a unity in love. Our journey in this blog is to relate this reality to everyday living along the way of a transformation and evolution to a higher dimensional human consciousness on Earth. The transformation to the true self forms the awareness of our life journey. We seek to heal and move beyond the fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation to live love and creativity from the heart in the Spirit. My intent is to make this a place where thoughts on transformation, the true desires of the heart, and the experiences of life can inspire all to the fullness of love and creativity. Thank you for visiting.

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